What I Believe

Robert Grenier

1988 • 148 pp. • $24.00
ISBN: 9780865473201
64 loose pages in an embossed box

This book is made on-demand. Robert Grenier produces each copy, which is a loose-leaf book in a box. Please inquire about ordering a copy.

Grenier’s experimentation with xerox as graphic art is form which enables a different sense of ‘characters’; Grenier’s poems are drawings which are ‘drawn’ as if from the other side of the paper (such as a love poem to a loon/moon and the loon’s love song to the moon, on split double-reflecting pages). His text is scratchings on an original space existing only in that; and as if it were on the other side of the paper at the same time. Another sense of space is created. Also, it is as if the correspondences and reflections are produced from the text being a mass technique.


Robert Grenier is a 63-year-old, wiry/paunchy, white-haired, disaffected, formerly influential, prototypical/clean-shaven/Harvard-educated “Language Writer” (from Minnesota) become wildly innovative, “neo-Romantic”/”old-fashioned,” hand-craft-writing/image-making, scruffy, corn, beans and squash-growing/blackberry-apple jam-making/set-in-his-ways type of opinionated, “archaic”-nuthead/vociferously “correct,” “liberal”/verbal/”extemporaneous” person living in Bolinas, California.