Time Rations

Benjamin Friedlander

1991 • 64 pp. • $10.00
ISBN: 9781882022052

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“Benjamin Friedlander remembers what wounds of World War he was born after. Days can’t cover words at the fact gate. Lines to the end of myth begin at the middle. This is intelligent, passionate writing. The poems in Time Rations are fragments, splinters, and pilgrim staves.”
—Susan Howe


Work Song

Hauled into a back seat
cauldron weighted down
fate is winded now
& I, mapped & laundered,
Sure I was happy. Ten
minutes out of work
& needing to pee. Such
are the measures
of many an odd thing
that now, out of bed,
derisive laughter
please me
laying low in the morning
ah – laying low in the morning

What Good is the Dawn

Bastion morn
chose us, by compass,
the yawn
of heroes tearing
day away, a mouth of suds…
sore belt wither’d
thigh – that fame wd
e’er give way to – oh
perfumed cab back
seat o’ reason
“for I have the warmth
of the sun
within me at night”