Precisely the Point Being Made

Norman Fischer

1993 • 69 pp. • $11.00
ISBN: 9781882022144

Out of Print

“PRECISELY THE POINT BEING MADE offers rare evidence of a poet whose forms are everywhere vital and exploratory, one ‘conscious of each breath.’ Yet for Norman Fischer, poetry is not the site of grandiose claims. It is an instrument of attention along the path one travels, out in the morning, back as the light fades (‘in midst of being all around’). Presence before the body and before thought in all their illusoriness. A reader might then notice that the rest is silence.”
—Michael Palmer


Norman Fischer is a Zen priest and abbot who lives in Muir Beach, California. Active in San Francisco Bay Area poetry circles since the 1970s, he has been publishing prose and poetry ever since. He is executor of the Philip Whalen literary estate.