O Four

Subliminal Time

Leslie Scalapino, Editor

1993 • 104 pp. • $10.50
ISBN: 1-882022-17-3
Poetry, Prose

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A collection of 18 writers including Susan Howe, Lyn Hejinian and Carla Harryman, Jerry Estrin, Laura Moriarty, Eileen Myles, Aaron Shurin, and Norma Cole, juxtaposing their writings as shapes of our history and inner sensibility to a selection of younger poets including Jena Osman, Milton Apache, A.A. Hedge Coke, John D. Greb, Randall Potts, Laynie Browne, Lori Lubeski, and George Albon.

Included are color poems drawn superimposed on each other as if a mirror of the collection, by Robert Grenier: Laynie Browne’s writing is “The function of a knee; for wading into subliminal time.” Jena Osman is making a relational proximity of a man beaten on camera and her memory. Lori Lubeski’s no world comes from a strong boyhood dream. There’s no uniform subject in Carla Harryman’s and Lyn Hejinian’s dual memory. Randall Potts’ radiant trees are seen. Others dying of AIDS is floated by Aaron Shurin ahead of nature. Randall Potts’ writing is a double sight where images are absent: Eileen Myles prefigures the deaths of others in her being her name. Jerry Estrin draws crowds to them retreiving them backward, George Albon’s “skins inside the image.” To John D. Greb retreat is sublimation. Linear thought is incomprehensible. Milton Apache hallucinates in nature. Aaron Shurin hallucinates nature, as if it were blind. A.A. Hedge Coke’s delineating history compares to Robert Grenier’s ‘poems’ drawn superimposed on each other so that their meaning and reading are the same in that imposition, as its own absent image which has to be seen; Lori Lubeski’s our Persian Gulf. Eileen Myles still, no image campaigning to be president there is our country’s absent or marginalia in Susan Howe’s Melville; we can see nature because Milton Apache has wolves feast on a butterfly there. Lyn Hejinian and Carla Harryman have a mutual multiple body for collaboration having no pre-planned plot; Lizbeth Keiley makes the blind self be nature. Writing a real past is dilated present even minutia in Susan Howe’s, Norma Cole’s and Laura Moriarty’s writing.


Leslie Scalapino (1944 – 2010) is the author of thirty books of poetry, prose inter-genre-fiction, plays, and essays. Granary Book just published a collaborative book by artist Kiki Smith and Leslie Scalapino, titled The Animal is in the World like Water in Water. Scalapino’s It’s go in horizontal/Selected Poems, 1974-2006 was published by University of California Press at Berkeley in 2008. Other books of Scalapino’s poetry include Day Ocean State of Stars’ Night (Green Integer), a collection of eight years; Zither & Autobiography (Wesleyan University Press), The Tango (Granary Press), Orchid Jetsam(Tuumba), Dahlia’s Iris—Secret Autobiography and Fiction (FC2 Publishers); a reprint of the prose work Defoe (Green Integer); and It’s Go In Quiet Illumined Grass Land (The Post-Apollo Press).


George Albon
Milton Apache
Laynie Browne
Norma Cole
Jerry Estrin
John D. Greb
Robert Grenier
Carla Harryman
A.A. Hedge Coke
Lyn Hejinian
Susan Howe
Lori Lubeski
Laura Moriarty
Eileen Myles
Jena Osman
Randall Potts
Aaron Shurin