Dreaming Close By

Rick London

1986 • 64 pp. • $10.00
ISBN: 9780917588143

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A text in which observation of the writing’s surface is apparently the same as the person observing. The writing is frequently actions or tracings of movement in locations; as if the mind were the person’s skin (in order to see it) and the text has an even luminous dissolution.


the community of hesitations the inversions all float together
her prone body by gravity
pulled to a shape he cannot with
ease abide
(the tongues exaggerated in size)*moving the thin face of it, can’t place when she
quits her breath lower by her
breath finding way • at a moment some
cords bunch a leg, refulgent where slit •
combination of throat held
light over*

innards out against
figure continuing
descent against
a wall continuing
descent •


hole growing, slight burning, in the
upper forearm, inner forearm, and
hair grown out of it, difficult to fix
visually, an infidelity of
light, attention. one looks at a
plate to discard but the
broken edge of it slow
friction making open the
flesh the bleeding,
there. mouth from the stomach more
simply rancid. face has size no
size or thus other restive
scraps. moving too close there is no
one. moving away. elaborate
elaborated blame an organism positioned upright,
leisurely on the bulk of air; detracting
for its purpose by a wide easy system. her
face then where
• where as people
are signs a
place throws


the body forms • a
blood become color •
in a passing •
figure, track of air,
says and
nothing shreds
of color says
and flesh under*since our bodies & ocean
held holding open some trees
swell defined to relief
open & body press open held
would cut a mouth*

brought colorful and remote
exclusive in its fat –
minded establishment of its fat
absolves what requires one
none so


the point of the still is its moving. air a light source of
light decomposing the initial cover. faces illumined separations,
decomposings. returning a
white holds the room. rot of air a rot of light. the faces (at
voice/ congeal) imploded. as light a proportion of the eye so the
faces lift by light decomposing •


entailed combination
thrown by they.
hips spun forward.
by local understandings by hand