Andrew Levy

1994 • 85 pp. • $12.00
ISBN: 9781882022205

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“The story is yearning, the mirror is broken, every shard a discrete part of this puzzling. The story is palimpsest, the mirror is clouded; its irregular pieces, jagged and possibly dangerous, alert us with alacrity that this writing confronts the relationship between the apparent whole, a one-ness (lost? illusory?) and “its” existential fragments. In virtual overlays, “salvage device plants,” “myth of the not her blood” and “the replication of care” diagram memory and experience topographically, anatomically, historically, ahistorically, economically, epistemologically…emotionally…syntactically… “It’s more than just a window.” The searching contemporary American idiom teases discrepancies of experience, dream and thought to its refractory surface, inviting the reader to join in this acute scrutiny. We are placed in the urgent reading of the I and you as immediacy.”
–Norma Cole

“”Everything is readable/No one knows what’s next” – these lines late in his book characterize Andrew Levy’s poetry. That we can’t decide whether intentionally or not makes the pleasure of Curve all the greater. John Cage liked best “art that is incomprehensible (Joyce and Duchamp) and…art that is too nose on your face (Satie).” Andrew’s poems seem at once to have both these qualities. “Such artists,” wrote Cage, “remain forever useful…in each moment of our daily lives.””
–Jackson Mac Low

“Andrew Levy uses thought to restructure language in the direction of feeling. Andrew places feeling against the grid of thought. Which of these is correct? – In the central section of this book Andrew has written some of the most lovely love poems of our time. That is the answer.”
–Alan Davies

Andrew Levy’s recent titles of poetry and prose include DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE (Chax Press, 2012), NOTHING IS IN HERE (EOAGH Books, 2011), and Cracking Up (Truck Books, 2010). He is also a contributing writer in collaboration with the President of the United Hearts collective to THE BIG MELT (Factory School, 2007), and author of Memories of My Father (Innerer Klang, 2008), Ashoka (Zasterle Books, 2002), PAPER HEAD LAST LYRICS (Roof Books, 2000), CURVE (O Books, 1994), and VALUES CHAUFFEUR YOU (O Books, 1991), among other titles. Billy Dale Shoots to Kill is forthcoming from Chax Press. Levy is an associate professor of English at BMCC-CUNY, and co-editor, with Roberto Harrison, of the poetry journal CRAYON. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.


the lines as shadows altered resolving transpire
there’s a part of me
somebodyelse’s soul and body the idiocy of age
full of images in an earlier poem
some invisible propensity our history stays
Flying over the delta in the translucence of their
error the new missions smoke trail
‘I don’t mean that much can be explained’
clarity cuts me
their desires I remember to lie
re-work their complaining care
to shore knees with reasonable rules
them all poetical
fall apart in my hands.
You cannot see yourself is the
surest sign that you’ve died.
I was dead, the sun goes
down, fresh bone and barrow
sprouts from out of ground.
Every hidden root of thought
eyes open limbs tangled
soft lips rest on my hand.