Containment Scenario

DisloInter MedTextId entCation Horse Medicine

M. Mara-Ann

2009 • 192 pp. • $15.00
ISBN: 9781882022670
Poetry. Cross-Genre. Drama.

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“M. Mara-Ann’s long hybrid, hypnotic poem-theater work of spoken-music text is ecological structure based on the national report on global warming. The footnote-archipelagos require one to turn back to the origin and reorient one’s reading becoming sustained attention, a holding of sounds like plateaus in the air, an inevitable letting go allowing the original’s spot (place) in the text and one’s attention to it to be lost, before one finds one’s way again. The poem’s reading is exchange ‘causing’ the reader to hold a place in enlarging space. The content is the transience of life in its alteration—also our seeing that the outsides and insides are ending.”
—Leslie Scalapino

“As an excavator of listening, M. Mara-Ann understands the slipstream of parenthesis available to the interior voice. In pages filled with filmic excursions between text and performance, she gives us a requiem for modern truth-telling. Integrating graphics with soundscapes that hover mantra from density, poetry gets jolted out of verbatim’s equinnical branding — its body scrolled against the material intensic to both crack and celebrate the inner folio-logue.”
—Edwin Torres

“Enter this work as you would wade into semiotic seas in the age of Presocratic atomists. What you mistook for pure abstraction is nothing but material consequence. It’s the most comforting and alien of experiences—senses saturated and emptied simultaneously, shifting codes washing through, transforming consciousness in the real time of the readerly act. M. Mara-Ann’s implicit wager is that default modes of reading/being can be ecstatically overwritten. The recovery of the natural world, so central to her anti-generic, synergistic project, posits nothing less than overwriting the catastrophe of our nature/culture agon.”
—Joan Retallack

As an artist working with language, M. Mara-Ann expresses her creativity through writing, singing, and intermedia performance. Inspired by the musical qualities of language, the architecture of text and meaning, her love of theory and science, and the interplay between nature and technology, Mara’s creative process combines a passion for *hybridity* and *experimental forms*. Focusing her work largely on the topic of environment, from the personal to the political, Mara’s artistic process often involves the creation of a core manuscript such as lighthouse, or more recently Containment Scenario, from which a family of related multi-media works emerge both as excerpt and exponent. This constellating dialogue can be seen with the CD Luminous, the audio-visual installation the mirrorrim, and the multi-media performance Containment Scenario as they relate to the book Containment Scenario: DisLoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine out from OBooks. As a poet that sings, a writer who performs, and a storyteller creating immersive multi-media shows, Mara’s latest performance work, The Containment Scenario Project, focuses on the current environmental situation through the lens of improvisational music-dance-theater and explores the language used to discuss climate change as we attempt to name and un-name the ineffable.