60 lv Bo(e)mbs

Paolo Javier

2005 • 96 pp. • $12.00
ISBN: 1-882022-58-0
Cover image: “Dreamland” by Mel Vera Cruz
Cover design by Amy Evans McClure

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“Paolo Javier’s 60 lv Bo(e)mbs is one of the most radically detourned poetics that I’ve encountered in a long time. Rocking hard the perimeter of a national American literary metabolic center, Javier deftly develops what critical theorists have only been able to talk about: the birth of a non-idealist anticipatory-resilient para-national subject. His poetry engenders a polysemic motility that gives inner-life to this new state of independence. What does that mean? It means your kolonial momma’s got your poppa’s digits – by the products.”
—Rodrigo Toscano

“I am happy to think of Clark Coolidge when I read these brain-racing improvs, even though they are spun out on tropical and topical and political and polyvocal chords. These poems carry the youth of the world a whole step forward in all possible ways.”
—Fanny Howe

2006-1-1: Thomas Fink for Jacket 29 reviews 60 lv Bo(e)mbs
“A powerful orchestration of linguistic and conceptual repetition propelling the text as a whole ensures that Javier’s long poem will fulfill the violent/tender thematic promise embodied in its title.”


Paolo Javier is the current Queens Borough Poet Laureate. The recipient of grants from the Queens Council on the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts, he is the author of five chapbooks and three full-length poetry collections, including THE FEELING IS ACTUAL (Marsh Hawk Press), 60 LV BO(E)MBS (O Books), and the time at the end of this writing (Ahadada Books), which received a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year Award. He edits and publishes 2nd Avenue Poetry and curates Queens Poet Lore, a roving literary series that takes place across the borough.


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