Leslie Scalapino (1944 – 2010) founded O Books in 1986, and for 25 years published innovative works of contemporary poetry as well as essays and plays by poets.

The O Books list includes younger, emerging writers as well as poets such as Fanny Howe, Norma Cole, Will Alexander, Tom Raworth, Craig Watson, Laura Moriarty, Ted Berrigan, Camille Roy, Aaron Shurin, Michael McClure, Norman Fischer, Anne Tardos, Stephen Ratcliffe, and many others. O Books also published 4 anthologies and the journals enough (edited by Rick London and Leslie Scalapino) and War & Peace (edited by Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino).

For more about Leslie Scalapino, visit her website, a dedicated resource for information, news, writing & scholarship relating to Scalapino’s life & work.

“Scalapino makes everything take place in real time, in the light and air and night where all of us live, everything happening at once.”  — Philip Whalen