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About the Book

Abjections: A Suite

Rick London

1988 • 32 pp. • $5.00


Lyric, jagged perceptions of Zen tracings.

About the Author

Rick London is from San Francisco, CA.

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You Find One
Lips slowly and in silence
For no better reason
With nothing
Assist these
They have to be
One too, like you
There were others
One looks, as eyes are almost
Of use
By early day
Was his custom
Flat surface
he tested
He went out
The fixed eyes and moving head
So as to sleep
A name in his head
Out of the difficulty
Someone would see
Was as nothing
She heard him well
He indicated something with his hands
Something was there
A bit of theory
Every now and then
One or another
Like it, she thought, and wept
Embittered equally by her own company